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In the current project, Aare Pilv focuses on the dynamics of decadence and avant-garde in Estonian poetry during the first decades of the 20th century (especially in the poetry of Johannes Barbarus). He is also interested in the entanglements of leftist thinking of that time with modern nationalism and various aesthetic discourses. Pilv has researched the problems of self-writing, especially in the works of Estonian writers of recent decades like Madis Kõiv (1929–2014) and Tõnu Õnnepalu (s 1962). He has also dealt with the issues of interpreting Soviet Estonian literature. In theoretical level, he has been interested in the role of artistic/figural language in constructing individual and collective identities. He has published poetry and prose, he has been active as a translator, critic, and playwright. Aare Pilv has the degree of magister artium in literary studies (Tartu University, 2002, Autometatextuality in literary culture).