Senior Researcher

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Leo Luks’ research interests in this project include decadence as states of transitionality in the context of Nietzsche’s philosophy. He focuses on Nietzschean interpretations of race and nation, including the intersections between strength, power, affectivity on the one hand and decadence and nihilism on the other. During his studies, Leo Luks mostly analysed the problems of nihilism in Nietzsche’s philosophy and its further developments in phenomenology and hermeneutics. Based on those studies, Luks published a monography in 2015 Nihilism and Literature. During the last decade, Luks as published extensively on homelessness in Estonian literature, the era of post-truth, ontological affects in phenomenology, Estonian philosophy, etc. Furthermore, he has published collections of essays, poetry, translations and more than 100 pieces of literary criticism.